PEAXACT ProcessLink

This article introduces the new PEAXACT ProcessLink - an easy-to-use Windows App for real-time spectra analysis and monitoring with built-in OPC UA support. It is intended for users who would benefit from real-time spectra analysis with PEAXACT, but until now could not integrate PEAXACT with their measurement system.

What is ProcessLink

PEAXACT ProcessLink is an interactive Windows App which brings PEAXACT spectra analysis to any lab or process spectrometer. New spectrum files are automatically analyzed in real-time thanks to folder monitoring. Results are immediately presented to the user in a real-time chart, and are exposed to external applications by means of a built-in OPC UA server.


ProcessLink was developed with simplicity in mind. The result is an extremly easy-to-use App with modern look and feel. The user only needs to choose a directory for folder monitoring, load a PEAXACT model, and that's it.

Real-time Display of Results

Once started, incoming spectrum files are automatically analyzed using the PEAXACT model. The user can switch between a real-time table view which shows the latest values, or a real-time chart view with trend curves.

Text File and OPC UA Server

Optionally, the user can specify a text file to which results will be written. However, in order to dynamically send results back to external applications, e.g. your distributed control system, values are automatically published by the built-in OPC UA server. Unified Architecture (UA) is the newest generation of the Open Platform Communications (OPC) interface, which allows easy data transfer between different applications and even across different platforms in a network.

Further Information

If you would like to see the PEAXACT ProcessLink in action, just contact and ask for a free web demo. Futher information is available on the PEAXACT Products web page.



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