Getting Started with Data Exploration (PEAXACT Viewer Tutorial)

Welcome to your first PEAXACT tutorial where we will walk you through the steps of visually analyzing spectra. This tutorial is for complete beginners, but who knows, maybe even long-time users will learn something new. Note that this tutorial can even be completed with the free PEAXACT Viewer... no license needed.


Unsure whether PEAXACT should be your future software tool for quantitative spectroscopy? This article lists typical questions and answers, grouped by topics.

Spectral Hard Modeling – Principles and Applications (ValidNMR Webinar)

Watch our Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Clemens Minnich presenting the principles of Spectral Hard Modeling and its application for qNMR. The webinar was originally aired at September 30, 2021 by ValidNMR.

Joining Data from Multiple Sources

This article explains how to compile data from different sources - spectrometer, lab analysis spreadsheet, time information - for the subsequent creation of analysis models. It is intended for users of PEAXACT - Software for Quantitative Spectroscopy from S-PACT.

You will end up with a nicely cleaned data set to immediately continue with modelling.

Working with Data from Multiple Subfolders

This article answers a frequently asked question about how to load data files from multiple subfolders into PEAXACT.



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