Raman Success Stories Empowered by PEAXACT and Analyzer Apps

Watch our Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Clemens Minnich hosting a webinar highlighting Raman success stories in chemical industries. The webinar was originally aired at November 12, 2019.

Raman spectroscopy is an important PAT tool when it comes to inline monitoring and control of chemical processes. Cutting-edge equipment resistant to challenging process streams and harsh conditions provide the ability to interface a multitude of processes in “inline” installations, overcoming traditional sampling procedures and speeding up the availability of results for control systems or human interaction.

Depending upon the application requirements, the measurement may necessitate different analysis approaches of the generated raw spectral data in order to provide useful process knowledge. In this presentation we will highlight key analysis approaches, (including peak integration, Spectral Hard Modelling, and PLS), within PEAXACT and Analyzer Apps that proved to be essential. Process examples from synthetic rubber production, distillation processes, and PIONA analysis of refinery streams demonstrate the benefits achieved by combining Raman analyzers with our Process Raman toolbox.



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