PEAXACT 3.1 Release Notes

Release Highlights3.
Upgrade Notes
Compatibility Considerations

3.1.4, released 2013-05-21

  • NEWCalibrated features are displayed in Model Tree
  • NEWCustomizable model-dependent report directory
  • FIXEDSending bug reports and service reqests from PEAXACT fails due to outdated e-mail server settings
  • FIXEDPreferences profiles can only be saved once
  • FIXEDSeveral minor bug fixes

3.1.3, released 2013-04-15

  • NEWSend service requests directly from the PEAXACT desktop
  • NEWMerging and arranging columns in DataInspector
  • NEWPEAXACT Predictor for HoloPro works with multiple models
  • IMPROVEDOne installer for everything: The PEAXACT installer now automatically downloads and installs missing runtime packages
  • FIXEDCOM-DLL classes could not be instantiated
  • FIXEDImproper recognition of certain file types
  • FIXEDSeveral minor bug fixes

3.1.2, released 2013-02-15

  • NEWDrag & Drop support for session files
  • IMPROVEDBetter rendering of graphics
  • IMPROVEDFaster startup time, faster GUI refresh time, faster loading of data files
  • FIXEDFailures and errors when reading from data files (JCAMP, SPC, SPA, CSV)

3.1.1, released 2012-11-05

  • FIXEDPEAXACT fails to start if the config file cannot be found
  • FIXEDIncorrect display of buttons and other controls in case of non-standard system font settings

3.1.0, released 2012-10-31

  • NEWPEAXACT Chrom Analyzer and PEAXACT Chrom Builder
  • NEWRevised Start Dialog with direct access to License Activation Dialog and User Manual
  • NEWEditable plot titles and axes labels
  • NEWCustomizable default labels for sample xy-axes
  • NEWBaseline option "linear fit" for peak integration
  • NEWReading and writing Data Table files in CSV-format
  • NEWOpus filereader supports reading timestamps from 3D files
  • NEWDrag & drop support for directories
  • NEWSorting data sets by filename considers numbers in names (natural sorting)
  • NEWPossibility to reload newer model files when loading old sessions
  • IMPROVEDSpeed improvements, e.g. license check, component fitting
  • IMPROVEDUsability improvements, e.g. hot keys for axes modes
  • FIXEDInccorect calculation of vector standardization (see Compatibility)
  • FIXEDIncorrect peak area calculation when integration range is overlapped by excluded range (see Compatibility)
  • FIXEDApplication crash when opening the user preferences editor
  • FIXEDApplication crash when saving a session file
  • FIXEDApplication crash when changing model properties while a Report Generator Window is opened
  • FIXEDSeveral minor bugs in Data Inspector
  • FIXEDPeak Search Report displays data set names without access ID
  • FIXEDMCR doesn't work with inactive selectivity constraint when used before with active selectivity constraint
  • FIXEDRe-opening calibration report generator window in full screen displays panel dividers at wrong position
  • FIXEDUndo after "Save Model As..." resets model filename to state before saving
  • FIXEDFailed to load data files with file extension .txt
  • FIXEDData Inspector incorrectly displays timestamp and usage values for visible ranges and colorbar
  • FIXEDReport Generators incorrectly display timestamp values in data tips
  • FIXEDPeak Search Analysis may not find tiny peaks when x-resolution is too large

Upgrade Notes

  • New license required! All licenses issued for version 3.0 won't work with version 3.1. A license upgrade to version 3.x is offered FREE OF CHARGE. The new license file will be sent to you automatically. Please contact Technical Support in case of problems.
  • MS Installer now installs PEAXACT "per machine" (for all users) instead of "per user" (for current user only). Due to this change, previous versions cannot be updated automatically. Please uninstall all previous versions before updating to 3.1.
  • PEAXACT 32-bit now requires installation of the Visual C++ Redistributables package. This only affects users who continously updated PEAXACT from version 2.9 without ever installing the VC++ Redistributables package so far.
  • The PEAXACT External Interface has been completely rewritten. Integration of PEAXACT with OPUS Process requires updating OPUS Scenario script files. Please contact Technical Support to get help.

Compatibility Considerations

  • Data pretreatment option "vector standardization" was calculated inccorectly. Models using this option should be revised. Contact Technical Support if you need help.
  • Integration ranges with overlapping excluded ranges were calculated incorrectly. Models using integration ranges which are overlapped by excluded ranges should be revised. Contact Technical Support if you need help.
  • Component Fitting (Hard Model Fitting) now uses individual component scaling instead of overall component scaling. This may result in slightly different component fits compared to previous versions.
  • User preference "Initialization of fits" has been changed. Options "component fit at previous time/location" (so-called warm start) has been removed and replaced by option "linear fit". This only affects Hard models using the warm start option.
  • A new session files format is used as of 3.1; loading session files saved prior to version 3.1 does not restore the selection of items in the Model Tree Panel and Data Sets Panel.


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