Software Maintenance and Technical Support

PEAXACT Software Maintenance Service (SMS) is an annual subscription to a service package including

  • Technical Support
  • Immediate hot-fixes or interim solutions for software problems
  • Periodic updates (several times a year)
The Technical Support would be your first contact for all technical issues you are facing with PEAXACT, from technical questions to technical problems. This article explains how to get in touch with Technical Support and what kind of support you can expect.

Licensing Questions

In case of questions about your current PEAXACT license, you should first have a look at our web form at There you find forms for the most frequent requests, e.g. a how to transfer a license between different computers. If our web forms cannot help, you should contact Technical Support via e-mail to

Technical Questions

If you have a technical question about how to use PEAXACT, e.g. how to achieve a certain analysis task, you should open a new support case by writing an e-mail to You can also do this directly from within PEAXACT by using the Service Request Dialog (see menu Help > Request Support). In case of urgent issues, you could also contact Technical Support by phone.

Technical Problems

As of version 3.5.2 you can share your PEAXACT desktop with a support engineer (offline or online). This enables us to provide much better support in case you are facing technical difficulties because the support engineer is virtually sitting right next to you. You can invite a support engineer either directly from within PEAXACT (see menu Help > Share PEAXACT Desktop...) or by using the web form at

Hot Fixes

If you encounter a software bug which prevents you from finishing your work, you can expect our Technical Support to provide an immediate hot fix. Often this means that you can download a fixed PEAXACT version the next day. You don't have to wait for the next regular maintenance update.

Maintenance Updates

PEAXACT maintenance updates are released in a short cycle (several times a year). This ensures continuous bug fixing and improvements. by default, PEAXACT informs you about new versions on startup. The latest changes are presented on the What's New page.

What you should remember

  1. Contact via web:
  2. Contact via e-mail:
  3. Contact via PEAXACT: menu Help > Support...


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