PEAXACT 3.6 - Release Highlights

This article shows highlights of release version 3.6 of PEAXACT software for quantitative spectroscopy from S-PACT. It is intended for users of PEAXACT. If you don't have PEAXACT yet, get a free trial now.

What’s New in Release 3.6?

  • Separate licenses for PEAXACT and PEAXACT Application Server
  • Performing analyses in parallel with the Application Server
  • Several bug fixes and speed improvements.

Separate Licenses for PEAXACT and PEAXACT Application Server

The PEAXACT Application Server is an non-interactive interface to PEAXACT. It can be integrated with third-party applications in order to use PEAXACT as back-end analyzer. As of release 3.6, the interactive PEAXACT user-interface and the non-interactive Application Server do not share the same license file anymore but use separate licenses, allowing for a more flexible use.

In addition, license options have been changed in the License Agreements:

ProductOld License OptionNew License Option
PEAXACT Application ServerServerApplication Server

Note that changes made to the License Agreements do not reduce any granted rights compared to previous agreements. Changes have been made only to be more precise about License Options (See section 2.2 of the License Agreements).

If you own a valid license for the PEAXACT Application Server you will receive a new license file from S-PACT Technical Support shortly after the release date.

Performing Analyses in Parallel with the Application Server

The PEAXACT Application Server now provides session domains for performing multiple analyses in parallel. Each session is an isolated environment where analyses execute. E.g., the custom interface for HoloPro uses this new feature, allowing you to apply separate analysis models for multi-probe measurements.

Bug Fixes and Speed Improvements

PEAXACT 3.6 fixes problems and issues regarding licensing, analysis, and reporting. See the release notes for a full list of changes.



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