PEAXACT 4 - Release Highlights

This article shows highlights of release version 4 of PEAXACT software for quantitative spectroscopy from S-PACT. It is intended for users of PEAXACT. If you don't have PEAXACT yet, get a free trial now.

What’s New in Release 4?

  • Modern Look & Feel
  • Improved Data Inspector
  • New Modeling Features
  • License Server for Floating Licenses
  • New Application Server (Predictor API)
  • Based on MATLAB 2015

Modern Look & Feel

PEAXACT 4 uses a new graphics engine for a modern Look & Feel as well as DPI-aware application scaling for high resolution screens.

Improved Data Inspector

Data management and visualization has become much easier with the new Data Inspector. You can now sort and filter your data sets, easily copy & paste to/from Excel, reveal hidden structures in your data with the new PCA Scores Plot, or just create 2D and 3D images with better shading than before.

New Modeling Features

PEAXACT 4 adds new features to all aspects of data modeling: new pretreatments (e.g. Rubber band baseline correction for excellent fluorescence removal from Raman spectra), new Hard Modeling options (e.g. Direct Hard Modeling of NMR spectra or gas spectra), new calibration options (e.g. leave-%-out cross-validation).

License Server for Floating Licenses

A new license option has been added allowing customers to share their licenses over the Network. License management is controlled by a License Server.

New Application Server (Predictor API)

With the revised PEAXACT Application Server it is now much easier for you or any third-party to implement PEAXACT with your measurement software or your data analysis framework in order to use PEAXACT as a back-end predictor.

Based on MATLAB 2015

PEAXACT 4 is based on the new MATLAB Runtime 2015. See the release notes for a full list of changes.



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