PEAXACT 3.6 Release Notes

Release Highlights3.
Known Issues
Upgrade Notes
Compatibility Considerations

3.6.3, 2014-07-03

  • NEWRatiometric regression now works if sum of predictive features is any constant value (not just if = 1)
  • FIXEDError when changing a master model's calibration settings
  • FIXEDFile Dialog doesn't filter OPUS files correctly
  • FIXED(Calibration Assistant) Errors while loading data tables and during IHM calibration

3.6.2, 2014-05-21

  • FIXEDHard model peaks are shifted incorrectly if any component shift parameter is fixed
  • FIXEDError when loading very large data files (CSV, TXT, DPT)
  • FIXEDMissing confirmation dialog when changing settings of a calibrated model
  • FIXEDSending service requests from PEAXACT fails when Java 7 is installed

3.6.1, 2014-04-18

  • FIXEDChanging settings of a new model also changes settings of other new models (if present) as well as settings of the active user profile
  • FIXEDError when sorting data sets by feature
  • FIXEDError when modifying integration ranges with the mouse
  • FIXEDError when modifying the hard model baseline with the mouse
  • FIXED(Multivariate Curve Resolution) Unable to change component number after clicking the "More Iterations"-button
  • FIXEDIntegration ranges can be specified with lower limit above upper limit
  • FIXED(Component Number Report) Error when pressing a shortcut key
  • FIXEDMissing confirmation dialog when trying to modify a calibrated model
  • FIXEDPreferences Editor may render incorrectly when selecting a profile created before 3.6
  • FIXED(Hard Modeling Factor Analysis) Error when using with models created before 3.6
  • FIXEDOpen File Dialog uses incorrect default file filters

3.6.0, 2014-03-31

  • CHANGEDPEAXACT now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to be installed [2]
  • CHANGEDLicense option "Server" renamed to "Network". Added new license option "Application Server". [3]
  • CHANGEDLicenses activated by an administrator take precedence over regular user licenses [4]
  • NEW(Application Server) Support for multiple parallel sessions
  • NEW(Application Server) Added method getModelInfo()
  • NEW(Application Server) Added R² statistics to HMFA and MCR results
  • CHANGEDUser directory has moved
  • CHANGEDConfigurations have moved to the Windows registry
  • IMPROVED(Application Server) Better exception handling
  • CHANGED(Application Server) Merged class Util into classes Toolbox and Chrom [5.1]
  • CHANGED(Application Server) Removed methods getPreferences() and setPreferences() [5.2]
  • CHANGED(Application Server) Removed obsolete field "lastError" from result structs [5.3]
  • CHANGED(Application Server) Removed some log levels [5.4]
  • FIXED(Application Server) Explicit termination of the server doesn't work correctly
  • FIXEDImage resolution from user preferences is ignored when saving graphical reports
  • FIXEDFilename is not consecutively numbered when saving reports not based on models
  • FIXEDLoading files saved by a newer PEAXACT version may throw an un-meaningful error
  • FIXEDGUI is not refreshed correctly when report preferences change
  • FIXEDIncorrect wrapping of long filenames in dialogs
  • FIXED(Component Number Report Generator) Incorrect axes zooming
  • FIXEDMisaligned column headers in detailed calibration report

Known Issues

  • UnresolvedPEAXACT may hang or crash after resuming from Windows Sleep/Hibernation Mode. Make sure to always save your PEAXACT session before sleep/hibernation to prevent data loss.
  • UnresolvedPEAXACT crashes when resizing the Data Table Editor (Data Inspector Window) while the right panel is collapsed.

Upgrade Notes

  1. This update is free of charge for users with a valid license for version 3.x.
  2. If you want to upgrade PEAXACT on a computer without internet access, make sure Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is installed before upgrading. If your computer is online when upgrading, the PEAXACT installer will donwload the framework if missing.
  3. If your license is valid for the PEAXACT Application Server, you will be prompted to activate your license again next time you use the Application Server. If you have a combined license for PEAXACT and the PEAXACT Application Server, both products need to be activated again. When doing so, please use the new license files you should have already received from S-PACT Technical Support.
  4. If you copied your license file to the installation directory in order to activate PEAXACT for all Windows users, you need to activate the license differently again:
    • Start PEAXACT with administrator privileges.
    • When the Start Dialog appears, click the License button.
    • Use the License Activation Dialog to import your license file.
    • Note that from now on, regular Windows users won't be able to change the license.
  5. If you are using the PEAXACT Application Server with OPUS PROCESS you need to change your OPUS PROCESS scenario file:
    • Open your scenario file in the OPUS script editor (OPUS menu File > Open > *.obs)
    • Press CTRL+F3 to open the text search dialog
    • Find and replace Dim PXUtil, isOK by Dim isOK (i.e. remove PXUtil,)
    • Find Set PXUtil = CreateObject("PEAXACT.Util.3_5") and remove the whole line
    • Find and replace PEAXACT.Toolbox.3_5 by PEAXACT.Toolbox.3_6
    • Find and replace PXUtil.setLogger 1, isOK, "finer", Null by PXToolbox.setLogger 1, isOK, "exception", Null
    • Find and replace two more occurances of PXUtil by PXToolbox
    • Find and replace varargin(1) = yData by varargin(1) = yData : varargin(2) = "clear" (i.e. add : varargin(2) = "clear")
    • Save changes (OPUS menu File > Save)
  6. If you developed software which uses the PEAXACT Application Server, you need to adapt your source code:
    1. Replace all instances of the Util class by an instance of the Toolbox / Chrom class.
    2. Replace all calls of getPreference(). If you are using setPreference() to set option isSingleDataSetMode to true you need change all calls of addDataSet() by adding the new argument "clear" to the list of input arguments (see documentation). Then remove all calls of setPreference().
    3. Remove all references to the lastError field of result structs. You may call getLastErrorMessage() instead.
    4. Replace any of the logging levels FINEST, FINER, FINE, or CONFIG by EXCEPTION

Compatibility Considerations

  • Model files created with version 3.5.2 are 100% compatible with version 3.6. If you are upgrading from before 3.5.2, please also check previous compatibility notes.


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