PEAXACT Quick Start

Welcome to PEAXACT - Software for Quantitative Spectroscopy!


New to PEAXACT? Want to get started quickly? Take a tour through PEAXACT, following the typical modeling and analysis workflow.

Ready to try it yourself? Do a tutorial and learn how to work with PEAXACT.

Tutorial - Data Exploration

Learn the basics of data exploration and visual analysis of spectra. This tutorial is suited for the free PEAXACT Viewer.

Tutorial - Peak Integration

Learn how to calculate peak areas and custom results.

Tutorial - Indirect Hard Modeling (IHM)

Learn how to fit peaks, calculate component weights, and convert them to concentrations.

Tutorial - Projection to Latent Structures (PLS)

Learn how to pre-treat spectra and perform multivariate calibration.

Tutorial - Database Lookup Classification

Learn how to identify classes from unknown samples.

Tutorial - Quantitative NMR

Learn how to analyze NMR spectra... calibration-free.

Tutorial - Hard Modeling Factor Analysis (HMFA)

Learn how to find pure components and compositions of unknown mixtures.


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